Robotic Delivery Takes Flight

How Galaxis Is Deploying UAVs, Robotic Cranes, and More for Intelligent Delivery in China

Issue 3, November 2022

“No matter what you do, think big.” For two decades of logistics leadership, this sage advice from his adviser at MIT has been a guiding light for Gu Chunguang, founder and chairman of Galaxis Technology Group Co., Ltd. and former COO of SF Express.

In 2014, Gu launched Galaxis, an automation and robotics company, in Jiaxing, China, with a vision to transform the global supply chain with technology. Today, Galaxis has a research and development team of more than 1,000 spread across 10 cities and holds upward of 80 software copyrights and over 120 patents. Gu’s teams are modernizing the movement of goods with robotics, including stacker cranes, shuttle cars, high-speed lifts and autonomous mobile robots, while providing robotics and automation solutions for thousands of companies around the world.

China is often ground zero for innovation that revolutionizes operations and logistics. For example, in 2018, delivery giant SF Express marked a major milestone: China’s first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) license—a game-changer for transporting goods to remote areas. 

As for the future of operations and logistics, Gu believes we have barely scratched the surface. “Over the past 18 years, China’s innovations have been beyond my own imagination,” he says. “Looking ahead, we must carry this ‘think big’ mentality with us as we embrace change and use technology to empower the logistics industry.”